Help A Four Year Old Run For The First Time

Donate $5 and make a difference for this four year old.

Chloe is the daughter of one of our writers here at n + m. Chloe was born with a birth defect that forced her left foot to be amputated as a tiny infant. She has known no other life and accomplishes quite a bit with her regular prosthetic when she isn’t undergoing surgery (the kid had yet another surgery this past week).

Unfortunately, insurance nor any programs that assist families can provide a prosthetic that allows Chloe to run like other children. Chloe is a full of life four year old. Sweet and silly, kind and full of laughter, Chloe never lets life hold her back. As she’s getting older, the differences are becoming obvious as she has to be on the mend from surgeries as other children run about. Help Chloe run like other children by supporting this go fund me campaign.

Chloe’s Go Fund Me