I’m still here!

Keeping up a regular blog is hard work, people! But fear not, I have returned to entertain you all with my extraordinarily boring life details.

Well, I have recovered from my cold. RJ is still hacking his up. We’re almost at the 3-week mark with his illness and I’ve already taken him to the doctor twice. I’m predicting a third trip this week. Because, really? He’s still sick? He’s still coughing? This doesn’t seem normal. Are you sure you don’t hear or see something that a nice handy-dandy pill could fix so we could all get a bit more sleep and be a bit less cranky during the day???

Not that I’ve been dealing with lack of sleep or crankiness in awhile because MAMA TOOK A LONG-ASS VACATION!

I drove RJ to Nana & Pappy’s house on Thursday and didn’t see him again until this morning! That’s 4 and a half days! Round it up to 5! What did Mr. E and I get to do? We flew to Boston and I bridesmaided it up in a wedding. We slept in for three glorious days in a row. We spent long periods of time (on the plane) just reading and watching movies. I prepared food for no one. I changed zero diapers. I calmed zero tantrums.

We also skyped with RJ twice and talked about him constantly and missed him in a deep-down-achey kind of way.

He couldn’t have noticed our absence less though!

Good for him.

It is Mr. E’s birthday tomorrow. And I’m totally prepared and totally don’t need to run out shopping today to find something he won’t hate. I’m kinda hoping the Giants win the world series in Game 7 tomorrow, because then I could claim that I was anticipating that, and so I totally knew he wouldn’t need a boring present from his boring wife. Off I go, shopping with my cranky, forever-sick toddler!

What do you think?

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