Holiday Card Planning Season

I am slightly obsessed with our holiday card each year.  I don’t know why it is a thing for me, but it is.  I am almost sold on an idea, which I will share once we are all done, but here is what we did last year…There is nothing photoshopped in this scene!  TillyLadybugXmas

What are some clever or unique Holiday card ideas that you have used in the past or are toying with doing this next year?

13 thoughts on “Holiday Card Planning Season

  1. I feel so much pressure to have a great first one! But i think we’ll just settle for combining it with her birth announcement.

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  2. Truth be told, I feel as though my techy job allows for such little creativity, that I use random things like this as my outlet! I could always create IT documentation in pretty scrapbooks… I am sure that would be a hit with auditors, HEHEHEH!


  3. You look so much like my friend she thought i photo shopped her face here. Its scary. Curious to know if u might be distant cousins or maybe clones of each other


  4. Omg I’m so glad it’s not just me who’s obsessed with creating a cool holiday card! My daughter is 2 so we are embarking on our third card and I haven’t completely decided on my plan yet. I’m pretty proud of my last two. How do I post pics so I can show you?


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