Toddler in Pursuit of Cats

Yesterday, I was folding laundry and things got eerily quiet in the other room that RJ had run into a minute prior.

I took a peek in and didn’t see him anywhere.

Hmmm… I was almost positive he ran in here and hadn’t come back out yet… And yet… no baby…..

Then I heard whimpering……

From under the bed???………

Ha! There he is!!!!


I wasn’t even aware there was room for a whole baby under there, in amongst our handy dandy, under-the-bed storage containers and random exercise mats that we’ve used maybe one and a half times.

He must have been chasing after one of the cats. Usually, once they seek cover under the bed, they’re safe. Not so, anymore!


Poor cats. They are running out of safe hiding places.

He did freak out for a moment when he decided he was stuck. I took pictures anyway. Cause, hang in there kid, Mommy is having a totally bloggable moment. Smile!

Hey, while you’re down there, can you look around for that poop that went missing awhile back?


He got himself unstuck on his own eventually. Thank goodness, because I wasn’t sure how pulling him out by his arms was going to go.

The cats are fine. They are still a lot faster than him. Especially when he’s belly crawling under a bed.


**Confession: this picture of the cats is almost 2 years old. They don’t really get their pictures taken much anymore now that something much cuter (and needier) than them is running around the house.

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