Ugh, This Just Happened

I have a slew of excuses as to why this just happened… you know, our built in alarm clock aka sunrise special Lana, slept in, so my husband leaped from the bed in superhuman fashion, yelling out “WE ARE LATE!!!”  Traffic was a b*tch because of being 45 minutes behind schedule.  The breakfast I made last night didn’t sound appealing.  One of the guys on my team messaged me “want a bagel?” in the midst of all of this.  So yeah, this happened… 8 grams of added sugar.. bleh.  That’s not counting whatever is in the cream cheese they gave me, but I think it was full fat, so hopefully it’s not that bad.  Oh, and in full transparency, I used french vanilla creamer this morning instead of unsweetened almond milk.  Ugh, what happened… bagel 2014-09-25 08.41.47

2 thoughts on “Ugh, This Just Happened

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