Time for Lunch

Ten days, I have kept our family from eating “no added sugar” breakfasts. Granted, I have no say so over ladybug’s breakfast at my aunt’s house but I ensured the man and I ate within the challenge thus far, every single day. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a couple of days where I almost grabbed instant oatmeal packs that are still in our cupboard (organic ones still have added sugar!!). At least on one occasion I wanted to make the frozen, again organic and chocked full of added sugar, blueberry waffles in the freezer, but alas, I did not and made breakfast that stuck to the challenge.

This week I might branch out and try to make a steel cut oats recipe like I used to but try to figure out some alternatives to keep from dousing it in agave or honey. Which I now know, your body processes exactly the same as high fructose corn syrup. Read this Article that covers sugar as a topic.

So this morning, i recalled an old recipe I had learned about in college when the South Beach diet was all the rage amongst my roommates. It creates a “crepe” using one egg and a tablespoon of cottage cheese. You blend the two and then lightly oil the pan, pour and cover. Wait for the top to bubble like a pancake then (this takes practice!), flip. Cook just long enough to lightly brown the other side. Fill with whatever you want. I used the Niman ham steak (thinly sliced) and cheddar. As our sides we had sliced mango and grapes.

I have managed to mostly stick to coffee only unsweetened almond milk but and this really is a big but, I’ve had to use Splenda a couple of times on the work coffee. It’s like drinking dirt! I’ll keep trying to cut the Splenda back until I don’t need it anymore.

So… Now we tackle lunch.

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