A trip down the stairs



I would like to take you on a little trip down the stairs with RJ and me.

Every trip starts with a fascinating visit to the little blue button on the baby gate latch and an exclamation of “Boo!” (aka “blue”). “Boo, Mama! Boo!”


Yes, baby bear. That’s blue. Just like last time we came down the stairs. And the time before that. Shall we proceed? Mama was hoping to get downstairs to get ready for our grocery store trip sometime in the next century. But I know that if I try to carry you down I’ll be met with a very angry tantrum, so instead we’re going to go down together and enjoy stopping to smell the roses a bit on the way. Yes, I can do this. I can totally be present with you and be in the moment with life. How very healthy and zen of me!

Ok, and we’re off!


RJ likes to make a little “boop!” sound as he gets to every new step. Mama must make this sound too. If she fails to make this sound RJ will stop and point and yell “Mama! Mama! Mama!” until mama complies.

Yes, baby, “boop!!! boop!!! boop!!!” This is totes so fun!!!

Oh wait, Mom, I want to see the little blue button again, hold on.



Blue! Yes, it’s still blue!!!

Come on, baby, “boop” with me back down again!

RJ says “down” a lot also, but it sounds like “die”. So our trips down the stairs are not only filled with a lot of “boop” but also with a lot of strangely disturbing “DIE!!!! DIE!!!! DIE!!!!”

And onward we go, I think by some miracle we’re almost halfway down now!

“Die! Die! Die!”


“Boop boop boop!”




Hey, mom, have you checked out this view of our entry way through the banister?? Hey, let’s pretend to go “night night” on this step now! Will you sing the night-night song? “Mama!! Mama!!!!! Mama!! Night-night! Night-night!!!! Night-night!!!!!!”

This is where the pictures stop, as this is where I gave up (only 5 or 6 steps from the bottom) and grabbed RJ against his will and endured his mini-tantrum as punishment.

That’s actually pretty good. I usually don’t make it past the little blue button.

5 thoughts on “A trip down the stairs

  1. OMG! Maybe because they are nearly birthday twins, but Lana says “hop hop hop” for our stairwell routine. Going up or down the stairs is such an arduous process!! Sometimes, my husband, out of pure frustration for the need to get to our cars, will scoop her up and take her to the destination, but I usually wait patiently. Often, that means, I too sit on the stairs and scoot on my bottom to the next stair with her. She learned that technique from a nine year old, and lately that seems to be her necessary means of going down the stairs! It’s awesome to have my hands full, in my work clothes, scooting step by step on my bottom! ahem.


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