Mall Entertainment

I suppose I always knew there was “Mall Entertainment.”  Somehow though, it never pertained to me, even though I vividly recall the Mallrats scene, involving a mall and a TV show.  Chocolate pretzels have never been the same for me, but I digress.  Facebook as an app seems to be smarter than I am these days and shows me content that I actually would click on, in direct contrast of how I used to actively avoid clicking on any suggested ad or post.  The other day, Ella The Elephant’s Live Show at a local mall was suggested as an event I attend.  Okay, I will bite, click.

Sure enough, Ella is coming to one of our local malls today, but of course, it is during the hours I need to be at work.  I can’t really justify having Ella-phantitis to take today off, cough cough, so I asked my aunt if she would take Lana to see one of the show times.  She obliged and hopefully will send me a picture or two as I daydream about missing this moment with my daughter while I frenetically attempt to meet deadline after deadline.  I suppose having a kids’ Live Show on the weekend might draw Easter Bunny or Santa Clause level crowds, but I can’t possibly be the only working parent who would enjoy taking my kid to something like this?  If we want to be stereotypical for discussion purposes, so all of the SAHM (stay-at-home-moms) get to take their littles, but no daddy wants to see their little mesmerized by a dancing Ella? (I am being provocative, so SAHD readers please don’t bite my metaphorical head off ;P).

So, if you are a caretaker during the week of little ones, check out these free events that travel throughout the malls of our country, providing entertainment to our little ones!  Often, they have crafts, photograph opportunities and various activities.  I never had considered the mall for entertainment until Facebook suggested I do so. Clever, clever Facebook.  Knowing what I want before I even know I want it!

For the Socal readers:

Ella the Elephant is at the Westfield Culver City this Thursday – September 18th

Curious George StoryTime at the Palm Desert Westfield’s Barnes & Noble – Saturday, September 20th

Elf on The Shelf StoryTime at the Palm Desert Westfield’s Barnes & Noble – Saturday, September 27th

Peppa the Pig is at the Westfield Culver City on Friday, October 3rd

Playdate with Anna from Frozen at the Westfield Century City on Thursday, October 9th

Brobee of Yo Gabba Gabba is coming on October 16th to the MainPlace Mall


For all other areas and if you want to find non-kid events like say, the local Williams & Sonoma hosting a knife skills class (it’s a thing at the Fashion Square Westfield Mall!):  then go to the main Westfield page and scroll to the bottom to “change Westfield” to find your local Westfield Events.  There are lots of Happy Hour events for mamas needing some adult time!

I searched Simon Malls but their website didn’t have a lot of events at our local malls.  I did find this:

Kidgits – “themed crafts& activities, giveaways and much more”

Saturday, September 20th at the Brea Mall – this mall also boasts a new Kidgits play area – Located on the Lower Level Near Macy’s Women

Saturday, November 8th at the Westminster Mall in the Target Court




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