Breakfast Sugar Fest

Since I’m working all week long, Sundays are our market day for groceries for the week. Since this “no added sugar” challenge started midweek, I wasn’t prepared for weekend breakfasts. I used the last of the eggs and whatnot yesterday, so this morning I scrounged around in our freezer and fridge.

Improvisation was the name of the game for breakfast today! I found three frozen organic burritos that were already very low to no in added sugar, but after heating them for 20 seconds, I peeled off the tortillas and used the innards in a pan. Then, I had found organic sweet potatoes in our fridge, so I thinly sliced it (after a major failed attempt to use a spice grater to shred sweet potatoes, why don’t I have a shredder?!?) and pan fried them in avocado oil. As a side, I sliced up organic, ripe pears.

All in all, this is going well and forcing me to pay attention to what we eat as a family. If this next week is successful for breakfast with no sugar added, then I will tackle the lunch plan the following week. Now, to come up with 6-7 no sugar added, work week friendly breakfast meal ideas!? Suggestions?

What do you think?

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