Added Sugar

I’ve seen it in various documentaries and studies in recent years, but I didn’t feel inspired until recently to attempt to reduce added sugar from our lives. Before getting pregnant with Lana, I was able to lose weight fairly easily with cutting back and moving a bit more.

After having Lana, I initially dropped the ubiquitous 20 pounds that most women do, but then I stalled while breast feeding and found myself gaining weight back! I was losing motivation as I was yo-yoing in the same ten pounds. Then something came across an article and inspired me to challenge myself and ask my husband to try it too. Cut back added sugar from our lifestyle and see what impact it has on our health.

Instead of going berserk and trying to tackle our entire daily intake, I’m going meal by meal. Giving us ample time to change a meal and be solid with the routine before moving onto the next step. Breakfast is on the chopping block right now. Today is day two of paying attention, but is the first weekend day. So far, it’s been eye opening to say the least. Even our organic, uncured bacon has added sugar!?!

I’m trying to gulp down my coffee with unsweetened almond milk and no sweetener ( which my husband says is like adding ketchup to a steak, but whatever). We are mostly getting sugars from our whole fruits, but wow this is crazy that there are 57 aliases for sugar, including the ones in organic foods. Which, I’ve since learned your body processes agave and organic raw cane sugar exactly the same as the “evil” high fructose corn syrup. Maybe I’m the naive one, but I seriously didn’t realize that whatsoever! It all goes directly to the liver to process.

So, today in attempting to find a no sugar pancake recipe, I found this Almond meal flour one (for some reason I have a bag of that in my cupboard?! Super random!). So far, it’s a disaster but they are in the pan and I had to add a little butter to keep them from looking like banana scrambled eggs. The first batch is a messy puke (autocorrect typo but it stays) in the sink. Here’s hoping this second batch turns out alright!



3 thoughts on “Added Sugar

  1. I did a no-sugar-added diet for a couple years and I felt the best I’ve ever felt on it! It takes so much time and effort though, you are ambitious to try it with all your responsibilities! I still try hard to keep sugar at a minimum, especially for my boogly-bear, but I cheat a lot, especially by adding honey to things. Breakfast is the hardest meal, so if you can conquer that, I imagine you’ll do fine with the other meals. Banana-egg pancakes are a go-to in our house. They’re quick to whip up, but it takes awhile to fry them all, unfortunately. Scrambled eggs are an obvious one. RJ can put scrambled eggs down so fast and he doesn’t care if there’s anything on them, either. And I add a little buttered, whole-wheat toast to it. You have to shop well to find 100% whole wheat bread without added sugar, though! That’s all I’ve got, really. Everything else I can think of that we do for breakfast, we add at least a little honey to it. I’m looking forward to reading what things you come up with so we can borrow your ideas!!!

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