Sickness is my kryptonite

Good morning all,

well maybe not GOOD morning. I am not feeling supermom today. Went to bed last night with a sinus headache and and woke up to it being even worse. I now have the wonderful job of taking care of thing 1 and thing 2 all day while being sick with a stuffy nose and a throb behind my eyes. And just to make it a little worse thing 2 woke up with a lovely cough and a runny nose.

I think being sick while being the stay-at-home parent are the worst days on the job. Not only do you want to stay in bed all day with your eyes shut and to just not move, but you don’t get that luxury. And god forbid you try to lay on the couch to watch the littles, they will ask for everything under the sun every five minutes meaning you continuously have to get up to get them what they want. Eventually you will give up and just be up for the day with your eyes half shut while trying to breathe through your mouth. I guess it could be worse. So far the littles are being fairly good other then the normal question to mom every five minutes.

Here’s to making it through today and hoping i feel better tomorrow

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