To the families doing it “alone”

If you are raising children without family around to help, YOU ARE MY HERO! This post is a shout-out to you!!!

This post is also a shout-out to my incredible parents. I don’t know how we’d do it without you.

I’m just coming off of a week of food-poisoning hell. Yes, food poisoning, for a whole week! I didn’t even know that was possible! I’d been feeling off for a day already by this time, but it hit me hard on a Sunday morning. My husband was out playing tennis. I nearly passed out on the kitchen floor while making my son some banana-egg pancakes (so yummy and so healthy, you gotta try it!). Do you think he cared though? He just screamed “more!!! more!!!” while I was on my hands and knees on the kitchen tile wondering if I was dying and hubby would find me here in a couple of hours, our helpless toddler having been stuck in his high chair the whole time wondering why mom stopped supplying him with those yummy little pancakes.

I didn’t die, after all. I reached up and turned off the stove and managed to get my son out of the high chair and lay on on the couch with him and called my husband to come home in case it happened again. I spent the rest of the day lying down because every time I got up the world started spinning again.

I was worried to be alone with the babe in this state, but hubby didn’t think he could swing a day off of work the next day, so I called my Mom. She dropped everything and came down the next morning and whisked my son up to their house for a day of fun so I could moan and groan in bed on my own.

My parents have been there for me countless times in the 19 months since my son’s birth. Colds. Pregnancies. Miscarriages. Doctor appointments. You name it, they’re not only available, but EXCITED to help. Not only that, but they take him over night on occasion so hubby and I can have romantic date nights and wine tasting trips when we need a little break. He LOVES being with Nana and Pappy and they LOVE spoiling him and how could I not LOVE all of that??

And it’s not just the help. I know there are babysitters and nannies to go to for that kind of thing (though that’s not nearly as convenient and cheap). But it’s also being able to share my son with people who think he’s as amazing and perfect as we, his parents, do. It never gets old hearing my mom brag about how smart and perfect he is and to see my dad love on him as only a grandpa can love on his grandson.

Every time we get help and love from my parents, I wonder again how people without helpful family nearby survive parenthood. Colds and flus and food poisoning must be 10 times harder. The daily grind must feel like it just goes on and on forever without the opportunity for nights off, courtesy of grandma & grandpa.

So kudos to you guys, doing it alone. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a little extra appreciation after you put the little ones to bed tonight. I know as moms we’re not great at that. If you’re doing it without family help, you should be extra special proud.


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