Homemade Foam – Easy Sensory Fun

As a working mom, making an intentional giant mess isn’t always in the cards. First off, we don’t have a lot of free time to prepare for some of the sensory activities on many of the mommy blogs. Secondly, I don’t have a craft arsenal begging for use. Thirdly, cleanup has to be considered, because of the same reason for the first point.

I’ve noticed lately that Lana loves squishing and poking at various food. Watermelon squeezed and smushed, spaghetti poked and swirled, and the list goes on. I knew my baby girl needed some sensory freedom without a caregiver intervening.

I searched around for any sensory activities but homemade foam made a lot of sense. Simple, check. Supplies on hand, check. Space on our patio, check. Labor Day weekend with some free time, check! I setup Lana’s water table that we had bought for her earlier in the summer. While she was playing, I whipped up two pink batches and then a couple of the blue batches. I had read the comments on the site I found the recipe and many stated the Dawn soap, often recommended for homemade foam, burns little eyes. I first tried the Burt’s Bees Bubble Bath that we have, but the foam wasn’t as fluffy, so I swapped to the Dapple soap we use for Lana’s dishes. Instead of food coloring, I used some of the color tablets we use at bath time. Voile! Success and she was free to squish, throw, and dump the foam as she wished!

I found the initial recipe here:



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