One of those days

Stay at home moms, or hell, working moms, too: What do you do when your day goes from

ryker happy       to       ryker cranky  ??????

I mean, aside from pouring a strong drink before noon.

Which I, of course, have never done. Ever.


That would be irresponsible parenting.

*cough* *cough* *cough*

My absolute lowest moments of being a mother are when I lose my cool with my son. My sweet, little, innocent (*cough* MONSTER *cough*) of a son.

(Ok, I may be overusing the *cough* on this post)

(But hang in there, I’m getting to my point.)

Seriously, I hate that feeling. When you’re outside of your body, looking at yourself, going….. wahhhhh??? Why am I taking this out on him right now???

So I’m always in search of new ideas for cooling off and keeping my patience with my son, even on those days when everything just feels impossible.

Things I’ve done in the past when we’re faced with a day like this (besides the whole gin & tonic thing):

Get out of the house – Sometimes we just need a change of scenery. Sometimes I’ve been trying too hard to get the house clean and the laundry done and dinner prepped and I need to just say “F it, people!!!” and take my son to the park and watch him throw sand at the other babies. (Kidding.)

Harry the Bunny – OK, I’m all for the no-TV-before-2 thing and we *mostly* follow that rule. But when the whole house is sick with a deathly cold, or I’m going through a difficult time with a pregnancy or miscarriage, or heck, when I’ve just woken up on the wrong side of the bed…. sometimes a little 20 minute break where I plop the baby in front of Harry the Bunny on the iPad is superior to snapping at him when I’ve run out of patience. Plus, it gives me plenty of time to mix that drink. And down it. And mix another one.***

Impromptu play date – I have been known to emergency message my local playgroup and ask if anyone wants to come over or meet at a park LIKE NOW. The opportunity for my little monster toddler to be distracted by another little monster toddler, and the social outlet for Mama is invaluable in time of crisis.

If anyone is out there reading, share yours too!


*** I swear I have never had more than one drink while alone with my son. Please don’t call child protective services. Thank you.


3 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. I hate losing my cool with Lana. I feel awful for hours on end when I do it. The other day, I openly complained about how it wasn’t enjoyable to take her to parties at other peoples’ homes. Granted she may have not even heard me say it, but I felt like such an arse. As if I had said I didn’t enjoy her or want to take her with me. It’s just exhausting trying to tame the curiosity, which really, I don’t want to tame, but when it isn’t our home or environment, I have to be the responsible mom!


  2. When Camille was a teeny baby and I was just getting to know her, I would take Rescue Remedy and it helped me to keep calm. I did the same when I was teaching 1st and 2nd grade at the Waldorf school. I had several packs in my desk…Ha! She’s now only 14 months old, so at this point I really only get frustrated when I can’t understand her and figure out why she’s frustrated. I try and observe her for a while before reacting to see if I can “read her”. Luckily, we can communicate now and I can get to the bottom of things. But alas, sometimes she loses her cool because she wants me to do something differently–like pick her up and put her in the wagon, rather than just crawling over to the wagon and getting in herself. I find that being a mirror works well for her. I tell her, “I can see your frustrated. That’s ok. If you get in the wagon, I’ll take you for a ride!” And then I stay true to my word! After many tears, she finally gets in the wagon (smiling!) and we go for a spin! When the baby is losin’ her cool, I try and be an example to her. I can already see though that things are likely to get more difficult as she gets older!

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    • Mirroring is great! It’s curbed a number of tantrums for us too. Plus, I like the chance to act like a cranky toddler now and again, anyway. 🙂


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